Monday, February 25, 2013


After I picked Jonah up from school today, we ran to Publix to grab a few things.  As we passed their bins of Buy One Get One free items, I picked up a couple of things.  Jonah said "Are these free?"  I told him no and explained BOGO to him.  (We have had countless conversations with him over the last few months about how everything costs money!)  We made our way down the diary aisle while weaving in and out of employees stocking the shelves.  He was a little bit ahead of me when he turned and said "Mommy, is Heaven the only free thing?"  I said "Well, yes?  I guess it is?"  He said "the cross was free too!"  I said "No, the cross cost Jesus a lot."  He said "Yeah, I think about that a lot!"  And, then he asked why we never buy hot dogs?  And, that was that.  He moved on.  But, it was just a glimmer of hope that the Holy Spirit is working in his heart.  

Life around our house has been a little difficult the last couple of weeks.  Life is hard.  Ministry is hard.  Combine those two and sometimes you get just plain 'ole heartache!  We've been discouraged.  We wonder if we make a difference.  We even wonder what the point is.  But, our greatest little mission field is getting it.  He is connecting the dots that we have so diligently tried to place in front of him.  We've prayed so hard that our boys would come to know Jesus early.  And, with Jonah, I think we are close.  That little conversation on Aisle 1 of Publix today reminded me that I can't give up.  Not with him...not with anyone!

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jenny winstead said...

never give up sweet nikki. HE is our hope and people like you who share openly and honestly, give ME hope. xo


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