Saturday, January 26, 2013


Today was a busy day.  My boys had a full day of fun.  I did it all on my own.  It made me respect single parents even more.  I don't know how you do it.  Dan was out of town at a conference.  We definitely have the team parenting approach down so days alone make me appreciate him so much.  

Jonah woke up around 7:40.  He came in to tell me he was up then I went back to sleep for about 20 or so minutes.  I got up to make coffee and decided to tackle the day.  I wanted to take the boys to the DeLand Dog Parade or to pick strawberries at a local farm.  I decided to do the dog parade since it only happens once per year.  I finally had to wake Micah up a little after 10:00 a.m.  That was a full 16 hours (YES, 16 HOURS!!!) after he went to sleep last night.  I woke him up, dressed him and put him directly in the car.  I had his breakfast in a bag to give to him while we waited on the parade to start.  

We did the parade and enjoyed it.  I could hardly believe how perfect the weather was.  I decided to go ahead and do the strawberry patch too.  Our friends, Craig and Amy Uppercue were next to us at the parade.  The decided to do strawberries with us.  We stopped for lunch at Moe's then headed to the farm.  

We had a great time picking strawberries and doing all the fun things that go along with a farm.  The kids were great.  We got an awesome deal on the strawberries.  It was fun.  I'm glad we did that.  I'm even more glad that Craig, Amy and Hannah went.  It was fun doing that with someone else. 

We got home and immediately put Micah down for a nap even though he was a couple of hours later than normal.  Typically, I would just keep him up and put him to bed early.  But, Dan was coming home tonight and I wanted the boys up to see him.  So, I put him down for a nap with plans to wake him after a couple of hours.  I worked on the house while Jonah played in the back yard.  He played with his Nerf Bow but didn't really have anything to shoot at.  So, I went online and found a target for him.  I printed it out and hung it on the fence.  He had a great time. 

Soon after that, our neighbors got home so Jonah and Jaxon played together in our yard.  They decided to play in Jaxon's yard so I ran in to check on Micah.  He was snoozing but I decided to wake him so he could play outside too.

Our outside playtime turned into a wienie roast and Smores with our neighbors.  The kids were filthy but they had SO MUCH FUN!  This is Micah when I put him in the tub.

That was a combination of strawberries, chocolate, dirt and marshmallows.  Seriously, he was nasty from head to toe.  But, it was worth it to see the fun they had.  I got them bathed and ready for bed so we could all wait for Dan to get home.  They played together in Micah's room while we waited for him.


I watched Dan on the map using an app on my phone and when he turned into our neighborhood, we went outside to wait for him.  They boys (and Max) were so happy to see him that they all got in his car after he barely turned into the driveway.  They drove the last 10 feet of the driveway with him.  

It was a crazy busy and fun day.  I tweeted this a couple of hours ago.

Seriously, I don't do this much fun with my boys sometimes in a whole week or two.  Life just gets in the way.  Today was fun though.  I'm exhausted.  They are exhausted.  Dan is home.  Life is good!

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