Friday, January 4, 2013

The Brevard Zoo- Take 2

 You probably remember when Jonah broke his arm in March of last year.  What you may not remember is that he was at The Brevard Zoo with friends when it happened.  Due to that, he has had no desire to EVER go back to that zoo.  But, we are all about helping him face his fears and couple that with the fact that we haven't been before, we convinced him to go again today.  When I told him we were going today, his face got pouty and he said "But, that is where I broke my arm!"  Poor thing.  It did take a little convincing but it wasn't long until we were on our way. 

 We did take Micah's stroller but he walked more than he rode.  That little guy is all about NOT being contained.  He likes his freedom.  Besides, if not for that freedom, could he have gotten this up close look at the LARGE PYTHON???

 Jon and Jess gave Micah this super cute shirt for Christmas.  He got compliments ALL day long on it. 

 We walked up on these things and had to laugh.  Check out the one in the middle.  HE.  WAS.  CHILLIN'!!!!

 While this entire zoo was amazing, we loved the bird section.  We paid $3 to buy bird food.  That totally made the experience. 

We stopped for a potty break and Jonah found the map.  That kid loves a map!  He has some serious Brewer in him when it comes to maps. 

This was such a fun day!  The Brevard Zoo is a fabulous zoo that is only about 90 minutes from us.  If it were closer, we would definitely go more often.  We all enjoyed it.  And, no one broke any bones so it was definitely a WIN! 

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Barb said...

LOVE the pics of Jonah with the birds, especially the one on top of his head! Looks like such a fun day.


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