Saturday, January 5, 2013

Reading together

I remember a conversation I had with my friend Lori when I was pregnant with Micah.   I was so sad about reading time.  Up to that point in my life, I had only been the mother of one child.  So, I didn't know how you gave equally of your time to both kids.  One of those things that concerned me most was reading.  From the first day Jonah was home from the hospital, we read to him.  Each night before bed, we read for an hour to him.  We sat in the floor and read to him throughout the day.  He had more books than most entire families.  

So, that night, when I was talking to Lori, I said, "Poor Micah will never be read to the way Jonah was.  Our time will be split at bedtime.  We can't read that much to both kids!"  It was then that Lori said "No, YOU can't, but it won't be long until Jonah is reading to Micah!"  And, she was right.  It happens all the time.  Jonah reads numerous books to Micah each day.  (Granted, usually Micah isn't wearing purple/black argyle socks, Red/Blue Elmo Pants and a Grey GAP sweatshirt but that is how we roll on lazy Saturday mornings!)

It is so sweet to see Micah grab a book from his drawer and take it to "NoNah" to read to him.  Jonah almost always obliges him.  That 4 year age difference that worried me has been one of the sweetest blessings of having more than one child. 

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