Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jonah's First Grade "Holiday Celebration"

We got a message from Jonah's teacher asking us to help with their "Holiday Celebration." I had a scheduled appointment with my surgeon but rescheduled so I could be at the party.  This was the week following the tragedy in CT.  My heart could not let me miss that moment with Jonah.  That awful tragedy caused us all to hold our babies tighter and to treasure each moment.  So, I gladly spent most of my day in a first grade classroom.

She asked a few parents to come earlier in the day to help the kids build Gingerbread Houses.  When I got there, Jonah was on the computer taking a Reading Counts test.  That boy is KILLING it in reading.  I'm so proud of him. 

We got to see them go through some of the routine while we got things ready for the Gingerbread houses.  His teacher read them a fun story.  I loved watching them enjoy this. 

There was a big check in the room illustrating what their class raised for The Red Cross in their charity drive.  Jonah raised $28 to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. 

The class went to lunch while I ran to the grocery store to buy the rest of the things needed for the class party.  When we all returned to the classroom, Mrs. Hoover played Holiday Bingo with the kids while we got the food ready. 

Can I just brag on my husband for a moment?  That man is amazing.  He is daddy-extraordinaire!  He is the only male weekly volunteer in Mrs. Hoover's class.  He has a weekly slot each Wednesday morning right as the day begins.  I watched him the entire day as he loved on those kids and did ANYTHING she needed done.  The kids all adore him.  Jonah is so proud to have him in there. 

I'm always glad for any opportunity we have to work at Jonah's school.  We purposefully chose public school in order to be a light in a dark place.  We work hard to be involved and to be a positive example of the love of Christ.  Days like this make that easy to do. 

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Penny said...

"Holiday celebration?" Do they have to call it that? just curious. I'm in public school and our Christmas program was full of Christian Christmas songs. I'm very thankful for that. Love that Dan is a volunteer. I would really appreciate more parent involvement. :)


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