Saturday, December 8, 2012


We took the boys to Hollywood Studios to see the lights tonight.  As we were walking, Jonah said "even that bicycle has lights on it.  I find that unnecessary!"  

I find that unnecessary?!?!?  How old is he?  93??  His vocabulary and correct (most of the time) usage of words blows my mind.  He's a smart one!


jenny winstead said...

i think having a mom that encourages reading helps a lot too! :)

Penny said...

Lol~ smart boy! Kids that are talked with, not to, are much brighter and more articulate than their peers. Good job, Nicki and Dan! :). Btw~ one of my granddaughter was about seven, her mom brought home a movie. She looked at the cover and said, "Are you sure this is appropriate? It looks inappropriate to me." Ha. (Of course, it was age appropriate. :)


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