Saturday, December 22, 2012

The sun

Today, Jonah and I walked into the living room and the lights were all off but there was a beautiful light show happening.  The sun was shining through our sliding glass door and hitting a red ornament perfectly.  It made this disco ball effect on the floors and ceiling.  We were both in awe of it.  He ran to tell Dan but when he came back, it was gone.  He was so disappointed.  The following conversation ensued...

Jonah:  What happened to the red lights?

Me:  They are gone.  The sun went away.

Jonah:  What?

Me:  The sun moved so it isn't hitting the ornament anymore.

Jonah:  Well, actually, the sun doesn't move.  The earth moves.  So, what you said doesn't happen.

Nice!  Before long, I won't be able to converse with my own child!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

At least he didn't break out the planetary modules to demo their orbital paths ;)


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