Monday, December 31, 2012

Jaxon's 6th Birthday Party

 Our neighbor, Jaxon had another fun birthday party today.  If you remember, last year, his party was at LegoLand.  This year was at the Orlando Science Center.  Part of the draw there was the Start Wars exhibit.  So, we got to do all the regular things there plus the new Star Wars exhibit.  My boys were so excited!  We ran home from church, grabbed a quick lunch, changed clothes then headed out the door. 

 We went straight to the party room to grab our armbands.  Then, we were free to roam the OSC until 2:30.  Then, we all met in the party room to celebrate Jaxon. 

 We met up with Jaxon and his family at the very first exhibit. 

 Neither Dan, nor Jonah were impressed with the huge tarantula!

 The orange grove section of The OSC is Dan's least favorite part.  It get so crowded in there and the majority of kids never take turns.  They just run you over.  Jonah even noticed that kids were "not being nice and polite."

 After playing for a while, we moved to the party room.  The party hostess did several fun science experiments with the kids.  Jonah LOVED that. 

Micah was SO past his naptime at this point.  He was not into science.  He was not into smiling.  He was not into anything we wanted him to be into.  He.  Was.  Tired. 
The party hostess took the kids to several other parts of the museum and did some fun things with them there.  Here are a few of them on the news.  Don't they look excited? 

They got to do the Hurricane simulator.  Jonah ALWAYS loves those!

We then moved back to party room for cake and ice cream. 

It was finally time for the most anticipated part of the party...THE STAR WARS EXHIBIT!  This is a touring exhibit that is only here until April of 2013.  I won't say much more in this post because my knowledge of Star Wars is very limited.  But, Dan and Jonah BOTH loved this.  They could have stayed in there for hours.  These things are the actual things used in the original movies. 

Jonah and the birthday boy!  Neither of which really wanted to stop and take a picture!

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