Thursday, December 6, 2012


Teaching your children to be giving during a time that is so focused on getting has proved to be quite difficult for us over the last few years.   It seems that every person Jonah encounters, including us,  asks what he wants for Christmas then somewhere around Christmas day, we have to talk to him about not being so selfish.  It is really mixed up.  He's only a kid and that is confusing when we talk about making lists and then when he talks too much about those lists, he crosses the line into "not caring about others as much as himself."  We certainly haven't mastered how to raise a grateful and giving child yet.  We try.  But, we aren't there. 

So, I was so grateful to receive this note from Jonah's teacher (who is AMAZING, by the way!) earlier this week.  His class is focusing on charity.  It isn't a contest.  There isn't a prize.  There is no goal for him to raise.  The whole idea is to make him think outside of himself and to do something for someone in need. 

So, if you are local, and have a chore that Jonah could do to earn $1 or $2, would you consider calling us? He could pick up sticks in your yard, pull weeds from your flower bed, sweep your front porch or read you a book. Maybe you have a different idea of something he could do to earn a dollar from you. He is really excited about "choreing" to make money for "unfortunate people!" And, maybe, if we've done our job right, he might just thank you for the opportunity to help him help others. 

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