Thursday, December 13, 2012

Babysitters, coughs, colds and robes.

If I told you the number of babysitters we need to make it through the month of December, it would blow your mind.  It seems we have something most every day.  I'm not complaining.  I love ministry life.  I love the Christmas season because it gives us a chance to get into small groups of people who we normally don't get to spend time with.  Today, I had two different sitters lined up for a morning and evening event.  But, my sweet little boy woke up with fever yesterday so my plans came to a screeching halt.  

I cancelled our staff wives event this morning.  I hated to do that because it was my month to plan and I had something special in store for the ladies.  But, sick kids trump special plans so that will have to happen another time.  My attendance tonight at our staff Christmas party is still undetermined.  My sitter has said she doesn't mind watching sick kids.  But, the momma in me will make that call as the day progresses.  Sometimes, a sick little boy just wants to be in the lap of the one who loves him most.  

Jonah isn't feeling great either.  He has a terrible cough and is congested.  He has learned that some kids stay home when they are sick so he asks every day if he is sick enough to stay home.  I almost let him stay today.  Except, he wasn't really sick...just congested.  If this cold/flu season is anything like I've heard about it, we need to save those days for the potential really sick days. Besides, he missed a week back in November after his surgery.  So, I hate for him to miss more unnecessarily.  

I took a picture of him standing next to the tree in his room last night.  He was wearing his new robe.  Or, gown, as he calls it.  Dan quickly reminds him that it is a robe.  He loves it.  I looked everywhere for Spiderman robe for him for Christmas but could not find one.  I finally found this navy blue one.  It didn't look exciting enough to give as a Christmas gift so I gave it to him after I bought it.  He was thrilled.  He wears it every night after his shower and usually puts it on in the morning.  It will be great for the 2.5 weeks of winter we have.

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Barb said...

Wish I could be there - I'd definitely stay with Micah while you do all you need to do. Hope he's feeling better today.
By the way, I LOVE your blog's new header photo! Fabulous!


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