Sunday, December 23, 2012

38...I think

I can never remember how old I am.  And, off the top of my head, I can't remember how old I was when either of my kids were born.  I do know I was 24 when I got married.  Well, at least I think I was.  I could be wrong about that too.  So, when someone asked me last night about my age, I had to think about it.  I'm pretty sure it is 38 though.  (I totally just used a calculator to check!)

I remember my mom turning 30...and 40.  I remember going to her parties.  Her 30th party was in Baskin, LA.  Her 40th party was in Jackson, MS.  My brother and I planned that one.  I remember her being mortified because we planned this elaborate party down and then called people and told them what to bring.  We provided zero.  She used that to teach us the concept of providing the food and entertainment at parties you host.  I'm not sure she ever really got over the embarassment of seeing all of her friends walk in with every single item of food and drink we served.  

It is currently 9:13 a.m.  I should be in Sunday School.  Instead, I'm sitting in Dan's recliner while a sick Jonah is asleep in his room.  I thought he was faking sick when I woke him.  He immediately told me he needed to stay home from church.  Last week, Micah was sick and we had to stay home.  Usually, I send Jonah on with Dan on those days.  But, Dan had meetings and could not get him home.  And, Jonah was snotty and congested so I kept him home too.  I think he thought that was kind of fun.  So, I thought he was faking.  I told him he could stay home but he had to stay in bed ALL DAY LONG.  He said "Okay!"  That is SO not him.  So, I covered him up and went back to my room to finish getting ready.  I just knew he would walk in and be miraculously healed.  

But, he didn't.  So, Dan took a turn.  He went it and reminded him that we were going to do Sea World today.  He suddenly began to feel good enough to get up and get dressed.  I noticed he was pale when he walked in our room.  Dan gave him medicine and then sent him to eat breakfast.  He only ate a little bit then needed to throw up.  He never threw up but sat at the potty crying.  We started to get him dressed and he was lifeless.  Dan asked him again about how he felt.  He said "I changed my mind about Sea World.  I just want to go to bed."  

So, he did!  And he went right to sleep.  That NEVER happens with him.  He fights sleep during the day with everything he has.  He is still sleeping now.  I'm thinking I will take him to the doctor when the after hours clinic opens at noon.  If he has the flu or strep, I want to catch it on the front end.  I don't want him to be sick for Christmas.  

So, here I am on my birthday, at home with a sick little boy.   I was a little discouraged about that for a while.  I really didn't want to miss church again.  I love my church.  I love Christmas!  I love celebrating the birth of Christ with other believers.  But, mommy duty trumps everything else.  And, I remember many birthdays where my only wish was to have a baby of my own.  And, on this birthday, I have two of those.  One, who is at the church nursery having a great time, I'm sure.  And, the other is all snuggled up in his bed sleeping away the yuckies.  

The truth is, most days I can't tell you how old I am.  But, my life has been filled with so many good days that have turned into wonderful years.  I could not have ever dreamed up the wonderful life I have.  And, whether my day is spent in church, at Sea World or at the Doctor's office, chances are, I'm still gonna feel pretty blessed for this life God has given me.  2012 has been a tough year medically for our family.  (We met our $4,000 Family Deductible by mid- March!)  Even with all of those struggles, we are very aware of mothers who never woke up from surgery, babies who didn't get to come home from the hospital, daddies who didn't survive car accidents, kids who got terrible diagnosis and families who will never look the same.  So, even with the yuckies of 2012, we have much to be thankful for.  And, days like birthdays are the perfect time to reflect on that!

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Penny said...

I needed this today. Shelbi's down with the flu. The grands opened gifts in the driveway today and their moms packed them up and headed home early. Kind of depressing. Been reminding myself it could be worse, but still a little sad. This confirmed that I need to dwell on our blessings more. Remind me again if Larry or I catch the flu. ;). Happy birthday!!! And Merry Christmas! :)


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