Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nothing extraordinary

I was looking through all of the unblogged pictures in iphoto and came across these.  They were taken on October 28.  I think I snapped them as I was taking my camera back to my room to take some pictures for Ebay.  Nothing special was happening.  My boys were just playing.  Well, Micah was playing.  Jonah was lounging in the bean bag.  

 I almost deleted them but then I realized, our life is slowing creeping back to days like this.  It seems that since my surgery, nothing has been normal.  There is almost always someone here with us.  There aren't many days of "nothing."  Everything is very scheduled and planned because it has to be.  I still can't lift over 1 pound so there is always someone here to help with Micah.  But, the end is in sight.  I'm able to do more and more.  I even cooked part of a meal this week.  

We are well past the 2 month mark since my surgery.  I'm feeling more and more like myself.  And, I'm really enjoying days full of "nothing extraordinary!" 

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