Monday, November 12, 2012

I-E and Micah

For the past couple of months, Jessica and Eli have been spending most every Tuesday and Thursday with us.  When she heard about my surgery and recovery time, she offered to help.  And, she has!  She and Eli have spent so much time with us and we are so grateful.  She got her pardon last Thursday when the surgeon gave me a chance to begin resume some of my activities.
Eli is exactly one year and one week younger than Micah.  The time together has been good for both boys.  Micah has learned to share (a little) and Eli has learned a few things from him.  Micah calls him "I-E" rather than Eli.  It makes us laugh. 

I took these pictures last week before we all headed out to the staff birthday lunch at the church.  Both boys were wearing stripes and looked so cute.  By the way, mention the staff luncheon made me realize that you may not know who Jessica is.  Back in September, our church was blessed like crazy to call Jon, Jessica and Eli as our Student Ministers.  They are such an incredible team with huge hearts for ministry.  We adore them!  The strides our youth ministry has made under their leadership is amazing.  They have become great friends to our family.  We look forward to many years of ministry beside them!  (and probably lots of trouble with these two!!!)

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