Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Last year, during the first nine weeks of school, Jonah's art teacher sent a packet home of his project.  I was quite impressed.  Art is not a gift that Dan or I have.  So, when we saw Jonah's Kindergarten art project, we really were blown away.  Seriously, he was in Kindergarten when he did this!

They sent this sheet home with various products you could buy with your child's art on it.  I bought this hot plate.  I also bought a little pendant with the hopes of adding each year's project to it.  Jonah loves that I wear it on our dates.  He is so proud.  And, honestly, so am I.  

So, you can imagine my excitement the day he got in the car and said he had the sheet with this year's art project.  I grabbed his folder and opened it to discover this...his self portrait. 

He was so proud.  Apparently he has never actually looked in the mirror.  Or, he sees a totally different picture of himself than we do.  

Wow...just wow!

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