Monday, November 19, 2012

A Disney Day

Last Friday, Jonah had is post-op visit with the surgeon.  The appointment was at 9:15 in Orlando.  He would have been at least lunch time getting back to school so we decided to take advantage of being in Orlando so we just went to Disney for the rest of the day.  Thanksgiving was just a week away so I dressed both boys in their Turkey shirts.  Micah's was made by Aunt Allison of Bellerose House and Jonah's was a hand-me-down purchase from my Internet friend, Amber
I wish the next picture wasn't blurry.  I love how both boys are actually looking at the camera AND smiling at the same time.  That is a rarity these days. 

Jonah took the last picture and did really well.  He really enjoys photography.  That boy is just the sweetest little thing.  The last few months have been a little bit of a struggle with him.  We've been trying to find the balance of being a little boy but still learning to be polite, respectful, grateful and kind.  There has to be a balance of "wild" and still being challenged.  We're learning along with him.  We want him to be the little boy God created him to be but we still have to "train" him and help shape and mold him into the man/husband/father/friend that he will one day be.  It is certainly a learning experience for us all. 
The crowd levels at the park that day were a 1.1 out of 10.  We were glad to see we had the monorail completely to ourselves. Micah wanted to stand up and hold onto the pole like his big brother.  The video at the end will show you how that turned out.  If you laugh at that kid just once, he will do the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  And, Jonah can't be outdone so he tries to garner the same attention by attempting whatever Micah is doing.  Good thing we were on that monorail alone.  Be sure to watch the video at the end. 

We stopped to take a picture right as we hit Main Street.  These won't make our Christmas card.  (obviously!)

People always say you shouldn't take a child to Disney before they are 5 because they won't remember it.  I have NEVER agreed with that.  They may not remember it but you ALWAYS will.  Micah is at the magical Disney age.  He is at the age that everything garners an "oooohhh or ahhhhh!"  Jonah was the same way at this age.  Of course they love it and remember it at age 5 and beyond but nothing is as precious as them seeing those characters that they adore when they are 1, 2 and 3.  Love it!

All of our previous days at Disney have pretty much found Micah terrified of the characters.  (Except for one random day last year with Pooh and friends.)  So, when we saw the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, we didn't even take Micah out of his stroller.  Jonah walked up for a photo and we noticed Micah waving and smiling.  The rabbit knelt down and shook his hand and he giggled.  We realized we might have turned the corner with him and characters. 

The new Fantasy Land expansion was open so we spent some time there checking it all out.  It is super nice.  We all loved the new Little Mermaid ride.

And, I'm pretty sure Disney is going to ask to use this photo for marketing purposes.  This was my attempt at a photo of the boys in front of that new ride.   Beautiful memories, people, just beautiful!

Micah did not want on that horse by himself.  Dan had to get on with him.  But, once he was having fun, Dan got off and he was completely fine.  That little baby boy is growing up every day!!

One of my FAVORITE things at Magic Kingdom is Mickey's Philharmagic.  It gets skipped by so many people but is such a wonderful show.  Jonah has seen it SO MANY times and still loves it.  Micah sat motionless through the entire thing.  He LOVED it.  I didn't see it at all this time because I was staring at him. 

This trip also brought a new milestone for the boys.  They rode their first ride together.  Ironically, it happened to be both of their first rides ever at Disney.  Winnie the Pooh.  Granted, we were in the same car but they sat together on the first row and we sat on the row (definitely close enough to touch them) right behind them. 

Sweet brothers giving kisses while waiting to ride Dumbo. 

Since Micah did so well with the rabbit, we asked if he wanted to meet Goofy and Donald Duck.  He kept saying "yes, yes, yes!"  We got in line but wondered if he would freak once he was close.  Yeah, he didn't.  He walked right up like a champ!

We told him it was time to go and he took a step then came back and hugged Goofy's leg. So sweet. 

While Dan and Jonah rode Pirates, I tried (emphasis on the word TRIED) to get Micah to nap.  We walked around for a while then decided to just stake our spot for the afternoon parade. 

Once Dan and Jonah found us, we let Micah out of the stroller and lazy bones Jonah hopped right in.  Papaw's feet were hurting and his legs were tired.  :-)

Micah had the time of his life at that parade.  He giggled, cackled, squealed, waved, screamed and laughed.  It was so fun to watch him.  So many of the characters came right up to him.  He loved it. 

We finished the parade then used our FastPasses for The Jungle Cruise. 

Dan and Jonah went to use their Fast Passes for Big Thunder Mountain so I took Micah to the Castle for the show that was about to start.  Except, when we got there, this is what he was doing. 

So, I decided to just let him sleep.  We strolled back to our car and waited on Dan and Jonah.  We decided to grab dinner and head home.  We thought about hitting the lights at Hollywood Studios but we had a car full of tired people.  Besides, we have the whole month of December for that. 

Don't forget to watch the Monorail Video below.  Silly, silly boy!

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