Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Twistin' To a New World Record

Last Thursday night, we went to Downtown DeLand to help break a world record.  I mean, it isn't every day that you have that opportunity so we had to take full advantage.  We told Jonah we were going to do "The Twist."  He said he would just do his "dance moves."  We told him he had to do The Twist like everyone else.  He got upset.  He said he wanted to do his dance moves because they are so good.  And by good, well, you just have to see them and be your own judge.  But, I'm pretty sure there won't ever be a world record attempted of masses of people trying.  Mainly because it involves being on the ground...and not dancing.  But, if there ever is a "Get on the ground and kick your legs like a donkey" world record attempt, we will invite you all!

We finally got him to realize what the Twist was and make some effort to do it.  He actually enjoyed it when he wasn't whining about "his dance moves!"

We love our little town.  There are so many fun things about this place.  Things like Thursday confirmed it even more.  The last world record held for the most people doing The Twist was at 1600.  They hoped for a few more than that.  They got almost 4000. 

We each got a label with our number.  Micah was 400.  Somehow, by the end of the night, that label had gotten from his back to inside his diaper?!?  That kid is somewhat Houdini-like at times. 

There was a lot of waiting until the actual record breaking time.  So, we watched a lot of dance troupes entertain us on stage.  Jonah enjoyed that.  Micah did not.

We were glad to share the evening with Donna and Moriah.  One, because we like them.  Two, because our boys really like them.  Three, because that gave us FOUR EXTRA HANDS with wild man!

Finally, around 6:30 or so, Chubby made his grand entrance.  We all sang Happy Birthday to him.  Then, he explained how to do The Twist, they set the clock for 5 minutes, the music started and we all started to TWIST.  Except, by ALL, I don't mean me.  I hardly moved.  I didn't think one of my first outings after 7 weeks of bed rest would be to dance. 

Wait, I take that back.  Jonah asked me to dance with him so I did a very gentle twist for about eleven seconds.  Just long enough to make my mark on the world record. 

We ended the night with a stop by our local FroYo place on the walk back to our car.  I discovered my new favorite flavor...Caramel Pretzel.  YUMMY!

And, then, as if our night could not have gotten any better, we pass these to framed photos in a window display downtown.  Yep, I love this town!

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Barb said...

I love caramel pretzel froyo. Yummy!


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