Monday, October 15, 2012

"Tees, Mommy, Teeeeeees!"

Last Friday, Dan was on the back porch with Micah when he got a phone call for the church that required his attention.  I was in bed but could hear Micah getting a little wild.  So, I went to the kitchen, grabbed some bowls, dry pasta and spoons.  I took them outside and put them on his little picnic table.  

I showed him how to use the different utensils to move the pasta from one bowl the the other.  I sat with him a minute then turned to walk away.  He started yelling "Tees, mommy, teees!"  For the life of me, I could not understand what he wanted.  Then, I noticed he was smiling as he said it.  I realized he was saying "Cheese, mommy, cheese!"  I said "Do you want me to get my camera?"  He smiled even bigger, nodded his head and said "Yes, peas!"

Would you believe that sweet little boy played with this for over an hour.  Actually, he would have played even longer had we not needed to get him cleaned up and ready to go get Jonah from school. 

I grabbed a snack for him when I went inside.  There is nothing this kid likes more than an apple.  And, for goodness sakes, DO NOT cut it for him.  Give him the whole apple.  It might take him a while, but he eats every single bite of it.  If we don't take the core away, he eats it too.  Not a bite is wasted. 

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