Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our new morning routine

Mornings are hard at our house.  No one in our family likes the morning.  We all seem to be in a rush and somewhat on edge.  And, two of the four members of our family are extremely slow.  Those happen to be the two who actually have to get out of the door by a certain time.  So, most mornings find Jonah in tears because he is in trouble for being slow.  Then, Dan is frustrated because Jonah won't do what he is asked to do.  I'm shushing everyone in hopes of Micah not waking up.  Max is usually barking because of the drama.  By the time they rush out of the door, everyone is stressed!

God has really been working in my heart about the tone that sets for the day for all of us.  Our typically sweet boy starts his day on a negative note and the start of Dan's day is already bad.  So, lately, we have been doing something different and it has been great for us.  My alarm is set for 90 minutes earlier than usual.  I get up, turn the oven on, get something hot started for breakfast, fix Dan a Diet Dr. Pepper and me a cup of coffee creamer with a little coffee mixed in.  While I'm doing that, Dan starts his process of getting dressed for the day. 

We meet at the dining room table to do our Bible Study/Devotion/Prayer time together.  In the midst of that, I stick breakfast in the oven so the timer will go off around 6:50 a.m.  When the timer sounds, I take breakfast (muffins/casserole/biscuits) out of the oven then go wake Jonah and get him ready while Dan finishes getting ready.  We all meet at the table at about 7:10.  We eat breakfast together, do a devotion out of a kid's one year Bible and pray together.

Let me tell you, it has been sweet.  It has been good to have mornings of no rush/no tears/no frustration.  It has been nice to kiss my little boy goodbye and kiss Dan goodbye and all be in happy moods.  It has been great starting the day with my husband in God's word and praying together.  It has been sweet to hear Dan pray over our family BEFORE the day starts.  And, as an added bonus, it has been so sweet to hear Jonah pray over people each morning. 
One morning this week, our devotion was about how you can help your friends.  We talked with Jonah about school settings where you can't physically help a friend in the middle of class but if a friend is having a bad day, you can always pray for them in your mind and ask God to help them have a better day.  Well, the next morning as I was helping him get dressed, he said "Mommy, yesterday _____ got in trouble a lot.  He just would not listen to Mrs. Hoover.  So, I started praying in my mind that God would help him be respectful and have a good day."  He's getting it!  Then, on another day, he prayed for Sue because he heard me talking about something new she was having to learn at work. 

Poor Micah has missed all of the fun so far.  He normally gets up around 8:30 or so.  I'm sure it won't be long until he joins us for these times.  But, in news about him, Dan came out of his room Thursday night and said "Micah just said his first prayer!  Dear Ga, Nanu Daddy, Nanu Mommy, Nanu Nonah, Nanu Dax.  Amee"


Aja said...

This is so great! I'm glad mornings have become so sweet and non-stressful for y'all!

Penny said...

Sounds like a beautiful start to the day!!! And I love Micah's prayer. Precious! :)
One of my kindergartners got sick one day (fever, sore throat) and was laying in my lap, in tears, waiting for his mom to come get him. I said, "Y'all need to say a prayer for M~ he's feeling bad." One little guy hopped up, laid his hands on M, and prayed right then. When M's mom showed up, she was really thinking I was nuts~ M had jumped up to meet her and was bouncing. LOL There's power in a kid's prayer. :)


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