Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SBC staff

Each quarter, we do a birthday celebration to honor the staff at Stetson who had birthdays during that time.  The initial idea was for me to cook a big meal and bring it in each time.  But, that idea quickly faded when we started imagining me trying to get food ready and delivered with a certain almost 2 year old in tow.  So, we opted to do pizza each time instead.  We also order a yummy cake.  Yesterday was a chocolate cake with fresh strawberry filling and cream cheese icing.  It was a hit.  

We took a quick staff photo after lunch yesterday but we only had iPhones.  So, the quality isn't great but you get the point.  Dan says this staff is one of his favorite parts of Stetson.  We have spent countless hours talking the last few months about the strides this group has made together.  They have spent significant energy and intention on developing staff relationships and growing personally and relationally.  Even during VBS, two different staff members told me the vibe and feelings around our church are they best they can remember.  Around June, they started doing some different things and it is really paying off.  

We really are blessed to be part of this group of people.  We look forward to the months/years ahead with them.  We are planning some fun things for the Holidays.  And, of course, they are looking forward to the next random cake flavor!  :-)

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