Monday, September 17, 2012

Medical Updates on Jonah

When Jonah went for his 6 year well visit, the doctor discovered a previously undetected heart murmur.  If you remember, he also sent him for an evaluation with a pediatric urologist.  At the appointment with the Urologist, it was discovered that he would need surgery but we could not schedule it until we saw the Cardiologist.  So, we've been waiting for a while for that appointment to arrive.  

Last Friday, we kept him home from school because he was scheduled to see his Pediatric ENT and Cardiologist.  If you remember from way back, Jonah has needed surgery for his ear but we bought some time with a very expensive ear plug.  We wanted him to have that surgery after the fun of summer swimming and water parks.  It just so happened that we could schedule the Cardiologist and ENT on the same day so he could miss just one day of school.  

Dan's mom was here so she and Dan took Jonah to the appointments since I am still on bed rest from my surgery.  They started at the Cardiologist.  Dan sent these pictures to me via text.  

His diagnosis was an Innocent Heart Murmur that he should grow out of.  So, no follow up appointments were needed and he got the go ahead for his first surgery.  Whew! Scratch one thing off of our list of medical things to be concerned about.  

They left there just in time to barely make it to his ENT visit.  Let me catch you up on history before I tell you about the visit.  Jonah had tubes put in both ears when he was 9 months old.  When Dr. Russ saw him at his 2 year well visit, they were both still there and doing their job.  We moved to Florida shortly after he turned 3.  We decided to wait to do his 3 year well visit until we got here so we could get established with a new doctor on a well visit rather than sick.  We had that visit in September after her turned 3.  The new doctor did not mention the need to have the tubes removed.  He began to have a lot of ear infections.

We had some difficulty getting into the the new doctor when he was hurting so we switched to a new practice for his 4 year well visit.  That doctor immediately had concerns about the tube in his right ear.  He said it should have been detected as needing to be removed and referred us to an ENT.  We saw that ENT and he had surgery in October of 2010 to have it removed.  The left tube fell out on it's own sometime before we saw the new doctor.  Because Micah was due in November, the ENT suggested we wait until Spring to see her again to see if the hole closed.  Unfortunately, when we saw her again several months later, the hold had not closed,  It had been in his ear entirely too long and there was significant scar tissue.  

She suggested we do surgery to repair the hole in his ear drum.  It was to be fairly significant including grafting skin and a long recovery time.  Because it was so close to summer, we opted to have him fitted for specialty ear plugs and use those so that he could enjoy the summer.  She continued to monitor him but the hole never closed.  

We were ready to do the surgery last fall but she started to see some progress.  So, we kept doing antibiotic drops and keeping the ear drum dry when he bathed or when it rained.  When we saw her this spring, the hold had made no progress so surgery was back on the table.  But, we were at the point of summer again and didn't want him to miss the entire summer of swimming.  The surgery to close the hold means ZERO water activities.  So, we put it off until this fall.

We went to see her expecting to schedule this surgery around his other surgery.  Both would need general anesthesia.  Both would require recovery.  Both would break his little heart.  But, both were needed.  Except, God intervened and CLOSED THAT HOLE in his ear drum.  Yeah, the same hole that had been there for almost two years was finally closed.  You know, against all odds.  

So, on that Friday, as I laid in bed just a few days away from having major surgery myself, I sent my little boy off to two pediatric specialists knowing that he would have two upcoming surgeries and a heart issue to deal with.  But, he came home with no heart issues, no ear surgery and one VERY THANKFUL MOMMY!

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Christy Bullock said...

This is absolutely amazing. Praise the Lord!

jenny winstead said...

God DOES work miracles! I believe it with all my heart! He also has TWO loving parents that are faithful to pray for him daily!

I hope you feel better soon!

Emily B said...

So glad he came out well! Jeremy had a similar ear situation as a child which resulted in so many surgeries he can't give an exact number. Long story short he went from holes to no ear drums at all and good enough hearing. We are hoping to do something soon since his ear infections have gotten worse, but his schedule doesn't allow for much.

I will be praying hard that Jonah is done with ear problems and doesn't have to experience what Jeremy has!


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