Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Specialist #1 Update on Jonah

When we went to Jonah's 6 year well visit, we discovered he needed referrals to two specialists.  We had the first appointment last Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. in Orlando.  It was an EARLY morning with two tired little boys.  But, it was the only available time before school started.  So, we took it.  When they made the appointment, the gave me the address and told me the office was in the Disney Pavilion. We left early enough so the boys could play with some of the cool things we knew were there.  (Pretty much if the name Disney is on it, it is going to be good!  Especially where health care is concerned!)

This was such an amazing kids area.  Jonah could have stayed there all day long.  Everything was interactive.  When you got done playing, there was a theater with Beauty and Beast showing.  

I sat with the boys to watch the movie while Dan asked the Information Desk for help finding our clinic.  Come to find out, the doctor wasn't in the pavilion.  Instead of being early, we were now pushing it to be on time.  We took off in a mad dash to find the right place.  Rather than getting back in the car, we just took off down the road walking.  In. The. Heat.

We barely made it on time!  Fortunately, I printed all the forms off their website and had them filled out.    They got us back fairly quickly.  

My friend Aja offered to keep Micah for us but we hated to leave him with her most of the day.  That is a lot on top of her two small kids.  And, with doctors, you never know how long you will be.  So, we changed our mind at the last time and just took him with us.  But, we also took the iPad with an Elmo video.  So, he was just fine!
The doctor came, did his exam and then told us the news we were expecting.  Jonah needs a minor surgery.  We can't schedule it yet because the other specialist he was referred to is a Cardiologist.  He needs to be seen by him before we can schedule the surgery.   Dan tried to explain it to him but the moment he heard surgery, he just fell apart.  He remembers his surgery to remove his tube in his ear and can't get past the "yucky tasting medicine" they give before the anesthesia.  Fortunately, we have a month or so to help him prepare.  


Aja said...

As soon as I read "Disney Pavillion" I thought...what?!? Yeah, the office is across the street. We do Miller's ultrasounds at the Pavillion. Sorry you had to run!!

annaxon said...

The picture of Jonah crying breaks my heart!


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