Friday, August 31, 2012

Lunch with Mrs. Hoover

When Jonah came home from school toady, he came into my room and crawled into the bed with me.  He said "I know you are going to ask what the best part of my day was so I came straight in here to tell you.  I got to have lunch with my teacher.  My team got the most points so she ate lunch with us.  It was great!"  I went on to ask him lots of questions about what the lunch was like and what all they talked about.  He told me lots of things and then he said "Mommy, she asked how you were doing and when I said she's good, Mrs. Hoover said THAT IS GREAT and I know she meant it because her voice went like this..."  He then proceeded to to show me how her voice changed as she said it.  He was so proud that his teacher cared about his mommy.  And, he was so proud to have lunch with her. 

I'm so grateful for another year with a wonderful teacher who truly cares about her students.  I'm not sure if she knows what a 30 minute lunch meant to those 3 or 4 kids but for my little guy, it meant the world!

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