Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jonah's Birthday Party- Part Three

After 80 minutes of bouncing, Jonah and his friends moved into the party room for pizza, cake and presents.  

They asked the kids to do certain signs for their drink choice.  Jonah chose Lemonade.  His sign made us laugh!

Little bro was ready for some pizza.  He climbed right up to the table and found his spot like he was one of the big kids.  

Jonah was so happy to see his teacher from last year there.  Mrs. Myers has a little girl the same age as Jonah and they are friends.  So, he definitely wanted Riley to be there and that meant she brought her mom!

Jonah sat next to his cake while everyone sang to him.  You'll notice me pointing across the room.  Yeah, while we were singing to Jonah, Micah started dancing and clapping.  It was so cute.  

Even Micah got a gift!  Our sweet friend and photographer, Ann gave him his very on gift.  So sweet of her.  

And the day ended with my big SIX year old giving me a big hug and telling me thank you for such a wonderful party.  What a sweet boy he is.  I'm so glad I'm his mommy!

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Penny said...

Love the last two pics~ priceless! :)
Guess it was worth not getting to decorate. ;)


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