Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jonah Stuff

Tomorrow is a big day for Jonah.  He gets to meet his 1st grade teacher.  He is only a little excited about this because he is "mostly sad" that it isn't his teacher from last year.  He doesn't quite get the new class/new teacher thing.  I'm sure once he gets there, it will make more sense to him.  

Before he ever gets to his school tomorrow, he has an appointment at in Orlando with a Pediatric Specialist.  Without going into any details, (mainly because we don't want to speculate on anything until we have concrete answers) Jonah left his 6 year well visit last week with referrals to two different pediatric specialists.  He will see one of them tomorrow and then a Pediatric Cardiologist in two weeks.

Once we have some answers, we will update you all.  But, until then, just pray with us that God will give his Doctors wisdom and help us know the best thing to do for him.  He's a special little guy! 

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Barb said...

Will definitely be praying!


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