Friday, August 10, 2012

A new low

Many of you remember the story of Jonah and the fries at Chickfila.  That was so incredibly gross and I always hoped it would be the most gross thing I would experience as a parent.  Something has now surpassed that.  I'm grossed out even writing about it but I'll need stories like this for their wives one day and this blog is the story of their lives.  So, here goes.

Last Monday night, we got home from our vacation and both boys needed baths.  The car was not only full of luggage but also tons of groceries from Sam's.  I told Dan that I'd go run bath water, put the boys in the tub and unload their suitcase while I watched them play in the water.  When Micah is alone in the tub, I can't step out of the bathroom.  But, when Jonah is with him, I can be close enough to hear because Mr. Safety Jonah won't let him move without telling me what he is doing.

I was sitting outside of their bathroom door taking clothes out of the suitcase when Jonah said "Micah has your brush!  Mom, Micah has your brush!"  While I thought it was odd that Micah had my brush in his bathroom and in the tub, I didn't investigate.  I kept unpacking.  Then I heard Jonah say "MOMMY...he is rubbing himself and me and now he is licking it!"  I lean around the door and see it.  

My "brush" was the toilet brush that sits right between the tub and toilet.  He leaned over, grabbed it and proceeded to scrub himself, his brother and the tub with it.  I was HORRIFIED!  I told Jonah to let the water out ASAP.  I grabbed the "brush!"  I doused both of them with soap and scrubbed as hard as I could.  I rinsed them off and scrubbed them again.   And, I've scrubbed them several times since.  

Why are boys so gross?  


Aja said...

I'll be honest and say I think the fries were grosser. At least these were y'alls germs. Who knows what germs a bunch of strange children carry with them.

Aja said...

I think the fries were grosser! He ate those and they had strange kids' germs. At least these germs were y'alls! Plus maybe he didn't get *much* of it in his mouth!

Penny said...

LOL~ don't forget the boogers at the table, either. ;)

Penny said...

Found this on a mom's blog. It's her facebook status about her 2 yr. old twin boys. Thought about you when I read it.
I thought the twins were upstairs playing with Ian in his room. Noooooo. Someone had left my bedroom door open. I found them in my bathroom. They had found a bag of cough drops and were putting the wrappers in the toilet , and the cough drops in their mouths. Then spitting the couch drops into the toilet , then putting them back in their mouths! I am so grossed out right now I think I might puke!"
You.are.not.alone! LOL May the force be with moms of boys. ;)

jenny winstead said...

i BURST into laughter.........please post a link to the fries story!


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