Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 MS/LA Trip- Day One

We moved to Central Florida in September of 2009.  Since then, I have been "home" to visit in 2010, 2011 and then this year, 2012.  This was Dan's first visit with us.  Let me start by saying how wonderful it was to have him with us.  Not only is he my favorite person on the planet, he was a second set of hands.  And, that was pretty amazing!

We got to the airport fairly early last Monday morning.  Soon after arriving, I received a text from our airline letting me know our flight was delayed.  These boys didn't seem to mind though.  But, the smallest one did seem to mind sitting in a stroller rather than running free.  (As evidenced by the second photo!)

Jonah saw the Giraffe wall outside of the Sea World store and had to take a picture there.  We have so many photos from this exact spot in the airport.  

We have definitely become "those" parents who let digital media babysit their children.  We don't do this all the time but when we need Micah to be still, Elmo always does the trick.  ALWAYS!

After a delay, we finally got on the airplane.  It was a completely full flight.  That meant we were going to be snug as a family of four in seats for three.  This will be Micah's last time to fly free.  :-(  
Once again, Elmo kept him quiet and still.  Well, Elmo and the plethora of snacks we took with us.  
Denise met us at the airport but somehow I missed a picture with her.  You might not think that odd but if you could only know the massive number of photos I took on this trip, you would understand my shock.  

After a quick lunch and some time with Denise, we headed towards Vidalia.  Our original plans were to spend the first of the week with family and friends in Jackson then the end in Vidalia.  But, Darryl's only day off was on Saturday and since they were so kind and generous to bring us there and provide transportation for us, we wanted to do whatever worked best for them.  

We made our way through Port Gibson and I had to take a picture of the steeple.  People from there all talk about it.  It doesn't have a cross at the top, it has a golden hand pointing to Heaven.  Yep.  

We went straight to Roux 61 to meet Jimmy and Cathy.  Jonah stood at the door waiting for them.  Jimmy is his best buddy (and worst influence...ha!) and could hardly wait to see him.  If you remember, Jimmy was my boss the entire 7+ years that we lived in Vidalia.  I try not to let him know but I really, really like him.  He has been so good to me and my family.  

Roux 61 is a new restaurant with AMAZING food!  Just seeing these pictures makes me wish I were there eating right now.  
Shrimp & Alligator Sausage Cheesecake Appetizer

Fried Pickle Appetizer

Dan had Catfish LeBeaux.  He said it was amazing.  It was topped with Crawfish Etoufee.  

I had the Butterfly shrimp.  I meant to get grilled shrimp because Amanda said it was so good but I neglected to clarify that when I ordered.  I can't imagine the grilled being better than the fried.  
Cathy got a seafood pasta that she said was great.  Dan tasted it and happened to catch him mid-bite.  Yep, you are welcome honey!
Micah ate a little of all of our food.  Well, in between clasping his hands to pray.  Thanks to his love of "PRAY!", we stop numerous times during each meal to pray.  
After a fun time with Jimmy and Cathy, Jonah went home with them for a night of swimming and movies.  Dan, Micah and I headed for Josh and Amanda's house.  We passed our old church on the way.  Such great memories!
Eli was a little sad that Jonah wasn't with us but he warmed up to Micah pretty quickly.  Manna had a gift of Elmo books for Micah.  He didn't act impressed at first but barely puts them down now.  We have read them 50 times today.  

We put the two boys in the bathtub together and they had such a fun time.  Micah thought Eli was so funny!

After their bath, we did bedtime stories and routines and got those two guys in the bed.  The parents stayed up until after midnight chatting.  It was just like old times.  It made me long to live close to Josh and Amanda again.  We laughed SO MUCH!  I went to bed with such a full heart.  I was hopeful for lots of sleep after a long day but as you will read in the day two post, Micah had other ideas.  

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