Saturday, July 28, 2012


Jonah loves pajamas.  He loves picking his pajamas out at the store and then choosing which ones he will wear each night.  Pajamas are a big deal to him.  Dan, on the other hand, wears a white t-shirt and black shorts.  Jonah has always asked him why he doesn't have fun pajamas.  

Tuesday night, Dan was at a meeting and I sent Jonah to get dressed for bed.  He came in with such a proud look on his face.  He said "I just discovered that I had all the things I need to have pajamas like daddy!"  Sweet little thing just wanted to look like his daddy.  And, would you believe that he has worn this every night since?  Fortunately, he has plenty of white t-shirts and 2 pairs of black shorts.  If this week is any indication, his days of pajama shopping are over.  He seems pretty settled on this look.  

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