Sunday, July 22, 2012

Micah's 12 month well visit

Back on December 13, 2011, Micah had his 12 month well visit.  I just discovered this unblogged post in my draft folder.  Typically, I would just delete it but I like to keep records of weight/height/head on the blog for reference.  So, I'm posting a mere 7.5 months later.  

This visit was a month past his one year birthday and just a couple of weeks away from Christmas.  (Thus the Santa diapers!)

Weight:  25 pounds and 6 ounces
Height:  31 inches
Head:  19 inches

He kept pointing to the black belt on the diaper.  It made for a strange looking photo.  

This was 7+ months ago and my boys seem SO MUCH younger.  Especially Jonah.  Doing an old post like this makes me really recognize how quickly time passes when they are little.  And, please notice how much they love each other.  It melts my heart!

And, before any of you comment to ask, I have no idea what is up with scary-eyed Dan in the next picture!?!?!

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