Monday, July 23, 2012

Lexie's Wedding Shower

Last Sunday, my friends Aja and Amy helped me host a wedding shower for Lexie.  Lexie's family has been such a huge support to my family so I was happy to do anything to help her celebrate her upcoming nuptials.  

Lexie's kitchen colors are green, black, white and red so we used those colors for the shower.  And, since her ultimate wish list item was a pistachio colored KitchenAid mixer, we used a mixer as the focal point on the invitation.  We decorated the table with aprons although it is hard to tell that is what they are from the pictures.  

Aja found these two really nice cookbooks to use as decor and then to give Lexie as gifts.  They were perfect because Lexie is quite the cook.  She definitely is not one of those people who need a 4 ingredient cookbooks.  

There were only four gifts at the shower because we did a couple of group gifts.  Lexie was not aware of this so I wonder if she noticed that there were 20 people there but as many gifts.  She had two big ticket items on her wish list and we hoped to get those for her.  She had no idea that we were planning that.  After the initial request went out for the group gift, Donna added a few names to the shower list.  Because we didn't know the people, we felt a little uncomfortable asking them to participate.  So, they brought gifts of their own.  

The shower invitation also had matching recipe cards.  We enclosed a couple in each invitation in hopes of people bring recipes to share with Lexie.  Everyone dropped them in my mixing bowl at the entrance.  It was super cute.  

Lexie, congrats to you and Ricky!  Just like I said during the prayer, I ask God to bless your marriage, draw you and Ricky close to Him and may he use your lives to glorify Him!

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Aja said...

It was a fun day! Made me remember how much I like throwing all parties, not just little boys' birthdays. :) Lexie, I pray you felt as special as you truly are to all of us. Wishing nothing but God's love and blessings for you and Ricky in this next chapter of your lives.


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