Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Half of the Great Grand kids

My grandmother had 4 Children.  Her youngest son, my uncle died of cancer earlier this year.  She has 8 Grandchildren.  Most of them live in Mississippi.  Except for the one cousin who lives in Nashville and the two of us who live on both coasts of Florida.  So, it is very rare that we are all together.  Everyone made it home for my uncle's funeral except for my family.  That is the closest we have come to all being together since all the kids have arrived.  

But, last week, three families got together and we were able to take a picture of half of the great grand kids.  My brother and his family took an 8 hour detour on their vacation to drive down to see us since they had never been to our house in Florida.  On Friday, we all loaded up into our car and drove to Lakeland, Florida to meet our family there.  

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Penny said...

What a sweet picture!! Love Micah's huge laughing grin in this one. Precious. :)


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