Saturday, July 21, 2012

Golf Camp

The first two days that Jonah was out for summer vacation, he had golf camp.  That wasn't the greatest planning on our part.  He was ready for a break and instead, we put him in a camp that started at 8:00 a.m. on his first day out of school.  Oops.  But, he had fun.  Fortunately, it only lasted an hour each day.  
He wore his shirt that Cliff and Beppa gave him several years ago.  They went to The Players Championship and brought this to Jonah when he was just a little guy.  Back then, I had a hard time imagining him ever being big enough to even fit into the shirt, much less wear it at a golf camp.  

Jimmy gave Jonah these clubs right before his third birthday.  I'm pretty impressed that he and Cliff managed to match the other ones gift.  This shirt and these clubs go well together.  ;-)

Dan went with him to the camp and was able to watch from a distance.  Fortunately, my camera has a great zoom on it.  He did have a couple of friends at the camp with him so that was fun.  

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