Saturday, July 21, 2012

Brake Lights

If you are leaving Orlando, headed towards our house, there are a few spots on I-4 where you can almost guarantee traffic to be backed up.  In the (almost) three years we have lived here, I can count on one hand the times we haven't had to stop or slow way down.  Seeing brake lights in front of us is a regular occurrence.  But, even though it is something we see often, it is not something that we ever like to see.

We, like most of you, seem to always be in a hurry.  Even though we aren't always running late.  It seems we just have the "GO GO GO" mindset at all times.  So, when we round a curve and see those brake lights ahead, we tend to get frustrated.

Last November, Jonah rode with me to the airport to get Dan's mom.  We got off of the toll road onto I-4 and we we hit the Interstate, we saw brake lights everywhere.  It was just barely dark so the red lights were very prevalent.  As I groaned in frustration, from the back seat I hear Jonah say "Isn't this beautiful?  Look at all the pretty lights!"

What perspective!  What I saw as frustrating, my five year old saw as beautiful.  That was over 8 months ago but I think about it every single time I'm in that spot on I-4.  And, I'm always grateful that God uses my little boy to speak to my heart.  

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