Tuesday, July 17, 2012

All in a day's work

We love our life here in Central Florida.  We love our house.  We love our neighborhood.  We don't love our water bill.  It is insane.  So, in searching for ways to limit our water usage, we were told about capping some of the sprinklers on the side of our house.  The goal would be to cap those six sprinklers, let the grass die, cover with rock and watch our water bill go down.  As far as aesthetics go, no one ever sees that side of the house.  The gate to our yard is on the other side.  We only go on that side to set the sprinkler system or deal with the pool.

So, Dan had rock delivered a couple of Saturdays ago.  It was a lot of rock.  A LOT OF ROCK!  He and Jonah got busy hauling and dumping the rock while I took care of Micah inside.  I had been to the doctor earlier that morning only to discover I had a double ear infection (because apparently I am five years old!?!?!) and upper respiratory infection.  But, oddly enough, I didn't feel terrible.  And, when I saw how much work there was for Dan, I really wanted to help him.  I called a few sitters but no one was available to come on such short notice.  So, I stayed inside with him and talked to the boys through the window.  

We decided to walk outside to just talk to the guys but somehow, we never made it back inside.  A certain little guy wanted to play.  And, what is better than two piles of rock when you are a little boy?

 Jonah worked hard.  We were very proud of his diligence.  He worked a good six hours in the heat with barely any complaints.  But, when he got tired, he got tired.  I ordered dinner from Dominos so we could all just eat outside.  Once I got out there, I started helping carry rock from the front to the back.  We were all pretty nasty so eating on the ground was a good plan.

 Jonah was somewhat bothered by the fact that no one washed their hands and that I let Micah eat pizza he dropped on the ground.  Apparently he could not see the sheer nastiness that was on all of our bodies.  I did use some wipes for our hands though.  Seriously, look at Micah's leg in the next picture.  

Daddy was T-I-R-E-D!  And, he wasn't even done at this point.  He still had another few hours of work before he called it a night.  

The only thing keeping this boy upright was his sheer desire to swim.  That is always the reward for yard work.  They jump in the pool as soon as they are done.  His arms hurt and his eyes were heavy but he was holding out for the pool.  

I took Micah straight from eating to the tub.  It took a couple of scrubbings to get him clean.  Yeah, he was that dirty.  It didn't take him two minutes to fall asleep after I put him in his crib.  Jonah, on the other hand, was still raring to go swimming.  That was all he could talk about.  So, he went straight from eating to the pool.  And, I took a bottle of 3 in 1 out there for him.  It took him a couple of wash downs and dips in the pool to look clean again.  

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