Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Vacation is finally here!

I don't know why, but I have been so excited about school ending and summer vacation beginning.  It could be the break from homework, lunch boxes and the pick up line.  Or, maybe it is just the opportunity to begin each day without a rush to get out the door and in the classroom before the 7:55 bell rings.  Mostly, it is the chance to spend most every day doing just the things we want to do.

Today was the first official day of summer vacation and we have filled this day full of fun and activity.  It is 3:16 p.m and the TV hasn't been turned on once.  Jonah started the day at Golf camp with two of his buddies.

After that, they all went back to one house to swim and play.  I got a text with this picture.  They were obviously having a large time!

While Jonah was gone for the morning, Micah and I did laundry, ate a lot of strawberries, read a few books, played with toys in his room and opened a gift he got from Aunt Jen last Christmas.  (If you don't remember, we save some gifts from birthday and Christmas to open and play with throughout the year.)

When I was doing laundry in Micah's room, I folded these three shirts.  Notice a trend?  Baby boy loves him some Elmo.  L-O-V-E-S!  If he sees these in the dirty clothes, he pulls them out and carries them around.  He would be quite fine if I just rotated these three shirts and that is all he ever wore.  Or, if he could wear them all at once.  He would really love that.  

This Little People Farm has been sitting in Micah's closet since Christmas.  Today was a perfect day to pull it out.  He and I played with this for hours.  No kidding.  He loved it.  

He put all the animals in the silo and kept saying "NO NO!  NO NO!"  I guess they weren't obeying Farmer Micah!

When I got Jonah from RC's house, it was time for Micah to nap.  So, Jonah and I opened two of his presents from Christmas.  One was a book set of Magic Treehouse Books from Zoo-Zoo.  He was super thrilled.  When I saw how excited he was, I said "let's call and thank her.  But, be sure to act very grateful and excited!"  He said "I don't have to ACT excited, I AM excited!  (Sometimes I have to remind him to be as exuberant on the phone as he is in real life!!)

After reading the first five chapters of the first book, we put it down until tomorrow so we could make some paper plate bug crafts.  We decided to make a silly spider.  Before starting that craft, we worked on his handwriting (awful since he broke his arm) then wrote a few thank you notes.  

Now, after taking a break to finish laundry and make dinner for the boys, I'm finishing this post so I can get ready for night out with Dan.  We have a dinner meeting to attend.  The boys are excited to have two sitters coming to play with them.  I'm excited about just sitting at the dinner table because this day WORE ME OUT!!!  Day one of week one down...nine weeks and six days of summer to go!

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