Friday, June 15, 2012


Before Jonah was born, we started buying books for him.  If you can believe this, I bought books before I bough clothes.  It seems we picked a book up each time we were in a store.  By the time he was born, he had 50-60 books.  I remember reading "Danny Duck Takes A Dive" to him as his first book.  He was only a few weeks (maybe days) old.  

Since then, we have spent hours upon hours reading to him.  Then, somehow this year, us reading to him turned into him reading to us.  But, the great thing about this age is that he still loves to be read to by us.  I don't know when that switch happens to total self reading sufficiency, but we both treasure the times we still get to read to him.  

Back at Christmas time, we bought this leather chaise for the corner of our living room.  It has become the preferred reading spot.  Almost every afternoon, I snuggle up in the chair with Jonah and we read.  Now, he prefers his chapter book reading before bed to be done there too.  (We are currently reading Charlotte's Web and The Magic Treehouse Series)  Micah has seen us read there so much that when he gets a book, that is where he takes my hand and leads me.  

Tonight, Dan and Jonah were reading there and I looked over my shoulder and just smiled.  (and grabbed the camera!)  I wonder how many days we have left like this?  

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