Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Messy Loft Water Day

Last Monday, our family joined our College Ministry, The Messy Loft, for a water day!  My boys had a blast.  And, so did we.  We have a couple in our church who were burdened for our college students and began this ministry and have done such a great job.  They have grown it from 2-3 kids to 30 or so.  So, we were super excited to spend the day with them and investing in their lives.  

Jamie and Aaron, our college leaders, have two girls and they were there also.  The college students were so stinkin' sweet to all of our kids.  (Oh, Jon and Jessica (our interim youth ministers) were there with their 6 month old also!)

Dan put Eli's (yeah, the 6 month old) sunglasses on and wore them for quite some time.  Yes, he is a geek but he embraces it.  

It was kind of an in and out day for our college students because of job responsibilities.  It worked well because we got to spend time with different students at different times rather than having the whole group there at once.  It was a fun day.  Oh, and we had Moe's for lunch.  That is always a win!

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