Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jonah's first school dance

Back in May, we attended Jonah's first school dance.  He was so excited to go.  When we got there, he acted like he didn't know a soul and had never been in public before.  Micah, on the other hand, got in the middle of the dance floor and acted like a dancing fool.  We spent the first thirty minutes corralling him and pushing Jonah.  

Jonah's friends kept seeking him out and between us and them, he finally went out there. And, once he did, he had a blast.  At the end of the night, he was so sad it was over.  (proof in pictures at the end of this post.)

Apparently, when you are a little boy, the term "dance" really means "fall on the ground and flip around a lot!"

Jonah's friends have been around him enough to be totally used to Micah so they just take him in stride.  He thinks he is one of them anyway, so it works out great.  

The beauty of an elementary school dance is that it lasts only a couple of hours.  This is great for the parents but not so great for the kids who were "having so much fun!"

After he refused to quit whining about having to leave, we finally stopped and had a nice chat (once again) about being thankful and grateful.  This is our newest life lesson that we are working on with Jonah.  He has big problems with people leaving or him leaving fun places and so we have been pushing the "rather than be sad, be thankful and grateful."  We have definitely seen a change since we started talking about "thankful and grateful" but he does sometimes have to be reminded.  I asked him to show me a "thankful and grateful" face and got this.  
Much better, huh?  This night was another one of those tough parenting moments that you question yourself in the midst of.  We did push him to get out of his comfort zone and enjoy himself.  And, he did.  Had we let him hang on us all night or just sit and watch, he would have been content but missed so much fun.  Instead, we gave him the choice of getting out there and having fun or going home.  At first, he chose go home but we talked about why that shouldn't be his choice.  After thinking a few more minutes, he decided to go dance and play.  He had a blast.  

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Penny said...

I think y'all did the right thing~ pushing him to join in. And I love that you're trying to train him to be grateful. :) I don't think you're going to have the same situation with Micah. Something tells me he's going to the life of every social function. ;)


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