Sunday, June 10, 2012

Colton's 1st Birthday

 Today, we got to help Colton celebrate his first birthday.  I would love to show you the fabulous job his mommy did on the party, but my camera battery was almost dead.  I only got a few shots of the entire day.  He had a cute "Cookies and Milk" theme.  

 Elisa did another fabulous job on Colton's cake.  Her talent amazes me.  Basically, we just hand her our invites and she does everything else.  

 Colton's Pap and Nana gave him this truck and Micah fell in love with it.  He cried every time we took him out of it.  Mommy might need to make that purchase for him.  

It was a super fun day celebrating the birthday of a really sweet little boy.  Happy Birthday to you Colton!

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