Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another summer day of activities

Jonah is one of those kids that would love to get up EARLY in the morning but then he crashes mid-day.  So, we have a rule that he can't get up until 8:00 a.m.  Once that rule started, we noticed he sleeps until after 8:00 each morning.  When the option was to get up, he always did.  Now that he knows he can't, he gets good rest each night and he has plenty of energy to last the day.  Now, if only I could get some of that energy to keep up with these boys.  

Today was a full day of activity around our house.  I'm trying to make our plans the night before so we all know what to expect the next day.  The only problem with this is the anticipation on his part.  He can hardly sleep for the excitement.  So, when he got up this morning, he could hardly wait to make french toast and cut shapes out of them.  

 I gave Micah an apple to eat while we got the french toast ready.  He kept signing "more" while saying "Mo Ap-pull, Mo, k?"  That boy loves his apples.  

 After breakfast, we changed into some clothes we could get yucky and headed out to paint.  

 This boy had paint all over himself.  I was so surprised that he only painted on the paper.  (Well, the cozy coupe too but I gave them permission to do that!!)  
 After we finished painted, I stripped them down to their undies and let them play in the sprinkler.  Jonah loved it.  Micah, not so much.  Jonah kept trying to pick him up and carry him to the sprinkler.  When he got him close and put him down, Micah took off the opposite direction.  

Once both boys were nasty, sweaty and tired, we all jumped in the pool to cool off.  (And, clean off!)

 After we swam with Micah for a while, I made Jonah get out of the pool and sit so I could take Micah inside and put him down for a nap.  While he slept, Jonah and I swam for another hour.  Then, we got out to get the ice cream started while I made lunch.  We looked through recipes last night and Jonah chose Cookies & Cream.  So, after he went to bed last night, I ran to Publix to get the stuff.  

 I let him do most everything.  That tries my patience sometimes but it is so good for him.  And, he loves to be involved in every single step of the process.  And, it helps with his motor skills so I'm good with that.  

 Oh, and you can't make cookies and cream ice cream without eating a few of the cookies!!

 It was our first attempt at Cookies and Cream ice cream but I'm pretty sure it was kid-tested and totally passed!!

I took this little video while the boys were painting.  I started the video while Micah was dancing.  Unfortunately, he quit dancing but the video was still cute enough to post.  And, he did dance a little while I was filming.  You should probably know the song that is playing is his MOST FAVORITE song ever!  They sing it in the nursery all the time and he loves it.  

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