Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Field Trip

Today, Jonah's class went to the Athens Theater to see a production of Alice in Wonderland.  I would blog about that except parents didn't get to go on that trip.  So, I decided it would be a great time to blog about a field trip that took place two months ago.  I'm nothing if not on top of things.  
Dan has been on most of the field trips with Jonah but I got to do this one.  He was excited to let me ride on the bus with him.  He wanted to take a picture together.  It took a few tries to get one that didn't cut a head off or was blurry.   We finally gave up trying.  Photography on a bumpy bus ride is apparently not my gift.  

After we saw the play, we loaded the bus again and went to a local playground for lunch and then playtime.  Jonah's buddy, Ja'Quez sat with us on the way there.  

After playing for a while, they went inside to the museum that was on property.  I would have never known there was a museum on the property if not for this trip.  There was tons to see there.  

I'm once again grateful to have the opportunity to be mommy on these days.  I love getting to focus on him and spend the day with him and his friends.  

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