Thursday, April 12, 2012

Upward Basketball Celebration

I really am a fan of the overall program of Upward Basketball.  It kind of ruined me because now I wish every sport was offered under the Upward umbrella.  I love how it promotes character over the score.  And, being a parent of a child who wasn't the top scorer, I appreciated the way it also awarded him and made him feel like part of the team.  If Upward sports are offered at a church near you, DO IT!  

The celebration this year was the week after games ended.  Jonah's buddy, Rylan spent the day with his because his dad was out of town and his mom had to be a Social Studies fair in Daytona with Rylan's older brother.  As you can see, these boys were A-OK with being together all day.  Isn't this picture great?  It has ended up being one of my favorites of them.  

We took Micah with us to the celebration.  (Note to self:  Bad idea!)  I packed a lot of cheerios for him but the went through those fairly quickly.    

Each individual player was recognized and given a prize.  Jonah marched right on that stage with such pride.  

After the entire team was announced (and properly cheered for) the coach was announced.  I'm particularly fond of Jonah's coach so I cheered the loudest.  :-)

While Dan enjoyed the time with Jonah, he did not enjoy the job of coaching.  That is due to his lack of basketball knowledge.  He felt like he was doing the boys a disservice.  He has decided he will referee next year rather than coach an individual team. 
Our entertainment for the day was a "Joggler."  Yes, that is a juggler who jogs while he juggles.  He was pretty impressive.  And, he clearly presented the gospel.  We heard so many compliments on his performance and message.  

Seriously, anyone who has five year old boys on the edge of their seats gets my stamp of approval.  

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