Monday, April 16, 2012

Lost at the playground

This guy goes full force ALL DAY LONG.  Usually, by about 9:15 a.m., I'm exhausted.  Fortunately, he still takes two good naps a day on the days we are home so I get a little break to get some things put away.  You know, so he can pull them all back out when he wakes.  HA!  

 So, after lunch today, I took him to a local playground until it was time to get Jonah from school.  I thought it would be such a sweet mommy/son one on one time.  Yeah, I was wrong.

 While he did have fun, he seemed to be lost without his favorite playmate.  He kept wandering around like he was looking for Jonah.  Before he would slide, he would turn 360 degrees as if he was expecting his big brother to pop out from behind a tree or something.  

 He never seemed all that content on the playground so we decided to go for a walk on one of the trails.  But, that didn't satisfy him either.  He tried to climb the fence to get back to the playground.  So, we went back.  

He wasn't unhappy, just kind of lost.  This boy (and his mommy) will be so glad when Jonah is out of school for the summer.  We already have a list of '100 things to do this summer' all printed out and ready to go.  I can hardly wait!

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Barb said...

Does one of those 100 things to do include coming to Dallas?!


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