Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back in February, (Yes, I know...that was a long time ago) the stomach virus invaded our house.  I was the only one to escape it.  My boys were all sick.  It was bad.  I wanted to move in hopes of escaping the germs.  It was bad.  Have I said that already?  Oh, I have?  Sorry, but it was bad!  

I uploaded these pictures but never really knew what to say about them because, well, how interesting can a post about puke really be?  So, these pictures have just sat in my draft folder.  But, every time I see this first photo, I really want to publish the draft because I think my baby boy looks so sweet here.  Don't you agree?

These were just a few pictures taken during those 6 long days.  I obviously didn't document everything considering there are no pictures of Jonah or Dan.  I'm pretty sure I put my camera away after I used Lysol on it.  But, I did manage to capture a few rare moments.  Please notice my baby sleeping in the bean bag.  You'll never see other pictures of him sleeping anywhere but the car or his bed.  Because, well, because he doesn't!  The kid likes the comforts of his bed.  I knew he was really sick when he slept in the beanbag.  
When he started to feel better, he moved on to Jonah's computer.  He loves that thing.  If I can't find him, that is where I look.  He sits there and acts like he knows what to do.  It is really cute.  

Now, aren't you glad I finally published this post.  Just riveting, huh?

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