Monday, March 26, 2012

A rough day

Today was Jonah's first day back at school since he broke his arm.  He was a little sad that he couldn't go to PE or be on the playground with his friends.  But, we assured him he would be okay missing those things for a couple of weeks.  I went to his school about 20 minutes before the bell so I could talk to his teacher about the yearbook.  We (as in Dan) are designing the Kindergarten pages and I had some questions.  

The kids were finishing up their day as his teacher filled me in on his day.  She said he did a fabulous job of writing with his right hand even though it was broken.  She said he actually worked faster than typical.  She told me all of the good things then said "But, he had a little accident on the way to lunch."  She went on to tell me how he tripped and fell on the concrete walking to the cafeteria.  She said he scraped his knee pretty badly.  She sent him right to the clinic and sent David along to help him.  

When he walked over to me, I saw the huge bandage on his knee.  He immediately told me about hurting himself and that it embarrassed him to fall down in front of his friends.  I hugged him and kissed him and told him how brave he was and how rough it has been for him lately between his arm and now his leg.  He was fine.  

Then, as he went to grab his backpack so we could leave, he got caught up in the feet of some of his friends and fell again.  He hit hard on his hurt knee then also landed on the other one.  He immediately screamed in pain and the tears started flowing.  I felt so bad for him.  So did his teacher and friends.  He was just pitiful.  

I got him cleaned up and we started to the car.  I tried to take his mind off of his hurting knees so I asked about his lunch.  (He always compliments me on making the best lunch in his class!  AND, he has been getting lunchbox notes from special friends in his life!  So, lunch is one of the first topics we discuss each day.)  Anyway, I asked about his lunch and he started crying again.  He told me that because he was in the clinic, he didn't have enough time to eat his lunch and had to throw most of it away.

Seriously, could his day get any worse?  

I was glad I already had a little treat in mind for him today.  But, more about that in another post!

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Barb said...

What a pitiful face! Hope his day got better after school.


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