Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jonah:  Mommy, did you just tell someone a story about me?

Me:  Yes, I was telling Jimmy about what you said when he called earlier and I didn't answer.

Jonah:  Well, if you ever tell a story about me again, I want to know what the story is.  And, I want to know if you have ever told stories about me before?

Um, apparently he doesn't know about this blog!  I might need to shut it down!!


Barb said...

NOOOOO!!!! :)

Penny said...

Jonah has a LOT of catching up to do! lol
Hate that he hurt his knees, after just breaking his arm. Poor buddy! He'll have some battle scars to show off and some stories of his own to tell. ;)

Anonymous said...

Poor boo-boo, he has NO IDEA!


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