Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to You, Dr. Seuss!

Last Friday was a super fun day for me.  I planned a Dr. Seuss party for Jonah's class and then helped the PTA with the Dr. Seuss party for the entire school.  It was a full day of Seuss love.  

I was so busy working during the party that I have very few pictures.  I was able to capture a few during reading buddy time.  Each Friday, an entire class of 5th graders come to Jonah's classroom during the last hour of school and read books with them.  It is one of Jonah's favorite parts of the week.  He loves his reading buddies.  

While they read, I got the cupcakes ready for snack time.  I spent the morning making these cute cupcake toppers.  I searched online for "free dr. seuss printable toppers" and found these.  I was super happy with how they turned out.  I love bright colors so I guess that is one of the reasons I love Seuss stuff!

It was fun to plan a party and have fun with Jonah's friends.   I love being in his classroom.  I love that I know every kid in there by name and that they give hugs and smiles when they see me.  I made sure to invite them all to the big school-wide party that night.  

Just a few hours later, I left the house so I could help get ready for the big event.  I left the boys with Dan and told them to join us a little while later.  While I waited on them, I did a few jobs for the party and took quite a few pictures.  If you have ever wondered what 300 cupcakes looked like, then here you go!

Or, if you have wondered what 300 handmade Dr. Seuss hats looked like, here you go!
I was at the registration table when I saw the three sweetest faces in the world walk through the doors.  Well, actually, one of them was strolled in but the other two walked and I was so happy to see them.  
Micah was wearing his new Cat in the Hat outfit.  And, by outfit, I mean pajamas.  I looked online for a shirt for both of them but didn't really find anything Jonah liked.  (He is beginning to have his own opinion about his clothes...GASP!!!!)  I saw these pajamas and thought they were cute enough to pass for an outfit.  

Jonah went straight to the book swap table.  We let kids bring books to swap during the party.  He took 20 or so books so he was excited about getting all of the tickets to exchange later in the evening.  
As the kids arrived, they were given a checklist of the different stations.  (I think there were 7?)  Jonah started at "The Cat In the Hat."
While he colored, Pat Lane convinced him to let him teach him to ride a bike with no training wheels.  He is apparently very well known for his ability to teach kids to ride without training wheels.  Dan and I were super excited about that.  Jonah, not so much!

He finally relented and decided he WOULD let Pat teach him.  If I had to guess, Jonah may be his hardest case yet.  
What Dr. Seuss party is complete without Green Eggs and Ham?  
Check out all of the books at the book swap.  How awesome is this?  

As much as Jonah enjoyed the night, Micah enjoyed it even more.  Pat introduced him to the wonderful world of blue cupcake icing.  He will forever be a fan!

And, as wonderful as the night was, it only got better when Martiza sent balloons home with my boys.  They were thrilled!

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