Sunday, March 25, 2012

An afternoon of boys!

I'm surrounded by boys.  Even my dog is a boy.  Many of my friends have boys.  I married a boy.  And, long before I had this life, I grew up with two brothers.  I guess it is all I have ever known or will ever know.  Some days, I have just my two boys.  They love each other.  A LOT!  The little one wants to do whatever the big one is doing.  

A couple of days each week, I have different kiddos at my house.  On this particular day, Rylan Carlos was here.  Jonah finished his homework quickly so he helped Rylan Carlos with his reading.  

And Micah, well, he helped me figure out some settings on my new camera just by being cute and all.  

Sometime in the midst of this afternoon with three boys, I told my friend to drop her two by since she had an appointment.  Then I had five boys age five and under.  Oh, and one boy dog.  

Micah was happy because there was finally another boy his size.  And, by "his size," I mean within fifteen pounds or so!  He is a little on the chunky side, ya know!?!  Oh, and be sure to notice the difference in their clothing.  Miller's momma is definitely a Florida girl.  He was dressed warm and cozy on this fine spring day.  Micah was not.  He was in full summer mode.  

After playing outside for a while, we all came inside for a snack.  I gave these two an equal amount of blueberries.  Look who gobbled his up quickly!

After a yummy snack and then dinner, the boys were some kind of messy.  So, I put them in the tub.  Then, I needed to contain them while I cleaned up the water in the bathroom.  So, into the crib they went.  And, as a side note, HOW ON EARTH DO PEOPLE HAVE TWINS???

Jonah read to Holder while I got things picked up.  I tried to bathe him too but he said "No, thank you!"

Then, Jonah read to Miller.  (Seeing a trend here?  My boy is a reader!!)

We all moved into Jonah's room to play for a while.  Micah thinks that is the best place in the whole world to play.  

We all moved to the living room to watch a little Veggie Tales.  Jonah and Miller read books for a long time.  Usually Jonah and Holder play together while Micah and Miller do their own thing.  But, that day was completely different.  They all switched allegiances and still had a great time together.  

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