Monday, February 27, 2012

A different way home

 Last Friday, I was leaving the doctor's office and thought how nice it was outside.  The weather was simply beautiful and there was a nice breeze.  Dan was out of town so I decided to stop by the house, get Jonah's bike and then drop it off at school.  Then, I came home, changed shoes, grabbed water and some snacks for Micah then took off with Micah in the stroller.  

We walked to Jonah's school and waited for him outside his classroom door.  Man, it was hot!  I didn't change out of jeans and I neglected to check the weather before leaving.  It was 86 degrees and the breeze I noticed earlier in the day never showed during the walk.  But, since I walked there, I had no choice but to walk back home.  I just hoped Jonah would be excited about it.  

 He was!  He thought it was so cool (or AWESOME as he kept saying) that he could ride his bike home.  He told everyone who was within earshot.  He called Ethan over to show him.  

We would have made it home quicker had Jonah not felt the need to stop and point out EVERY. PIECE. OF. LITTER. HE. SAW!!!!  Oh my word!
 Micah enjoyed the adventure except for the time he spotted me drinking from a water bottle.  He quickly threw his sippy cup to the ground and cried for my bottle until I gave him an empty one to play with.  

I was so proud of this little guy.  He did great on the 1.5 mile journey home.  He only had to stop for a couple of water breaks but otherwise did great.  I got a nice 3 mile walk out of it so it was a win/win for both of us.  

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