Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Saturday, another Upward Basketball game

These days, every Monday night and Saturday morning are filled with basketball.  Jonah loves it.  He has yet to make a basket.  He is thrilled when he "almost touches the net."  He doesn't know his skills are any less than others on his team.  He truly thinks he is a star.  So, that makes it fun.  

Honestly, he has gotten so much better since his first practice.  He can actually dribble the ball now and even touched it in a game.  And, if you ask him, he is "really, really good at basketball!"  I love his self confidence.  

And, this little guy does not love all of these Saturday games.  Actually, he does love the excitement but doesn't love being confined to his stroller.  (Oh, and please notice the coat he is wearing.  It is one of the two times it has been cold enough this winter to have a coat on.  Nice!)

Since the game was 30 minutes away, I decided to let Micah out of his stroller to play for a bit.  He loved it!  What he didn't love was being put back in the stroller.  Big mistake to ever let him out.  But, he sure had a ball (pun totally intended) out there.  

Micah was happy to see his friends, Holder and Miller come to the game.  Although, he would have liked it more if they could have been out on the court playing too.  

And, Jonah favorite part of Upward...snack and award time!

It seems these two were much more interested in geography than basketball.  No kidding, they stood at this globe for 20+ minutes!

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