Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Sunday at Sea World

One particular Sunday in December, we realized Dan had zero meetings so we decided to spend the afternoon at Sea World.  Before the boys changed clothes from church, I attempted to capture a sweet shot of them together.  (Attempted being the key word!!)

We finally gave up on the perfect shot and just changed clothes and headed west on I4.  We got there and it was still very warm so the boys were able to wear short sleeves for a while.  

It started cooling down a little as the sun went down so we put long sleeves on them and headed into the Dolphin show.  That is one of the best shows there.  I wasn't sure how Micah would do since he had to be still.  But, as you will see, he was mesmerized!!  Before the show started, they had so much fun playing with each other, giving love and being silly.  I treasure moments like these.  

After the show, we let Jonah choose what we would do next.  He chose the sharks.  That is his favorite thing to see there.  

One of my favorite things about living in Central Florida is being able to go over to the parks and see them fully decked out for the various holidays.  Since Micah was so little this year, we didn't make it to all of them during this season but we did enjoy the ones we saw.  (LegoLand, Magic Kingdom, the zoo & Sea World)

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Cristi said...

What cute boys you have! :)


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